What's On?

May 2024


  • This Sunday is Mother's Day and we'll have treats for all the women at church. We have our 9:30am classic church service, and Bek K, Kim, and Laura will be sharing together on a panel around the motherheart of God.
  • Contemplative small group, Wednesday 15th 7pm at Luke and Caro's (53 Heaslip St, Coniston). We'll follow up a little from our contemplative service this Sunday where we looked at Celtic spirituality. Anyone is welcome (even if you missed Sunday).
  • Wild Church on the 19th will be up at Byarong Park, Mt Keira. (driving up Mt Keira rd, you'll pass the school on the left, then the fire station on the right, then a few hundred meters after that on the left is Byarong park with a carpark you can turn into. We usually meet on the south side of the area in the sun or under one of the beautiful gum trees). 9:30am BYO chair/picnic rug and empty cup.
  • Social event: Pickle Ball! Saturday May 25th, 2-4pm at Beaton Park, Gywnneville. Join us for a fun afternoon of Pickleball (a racket sport where we hit a ball over a net for as long as we can). Rules will be explained on the day. Fun for all ages (as long as you can swing a racket). Bring some snacks and a drink. RSVP by 18/5/24 is essential to ensure we book the correct number of courts. Contact Matt Hawkins (0423 626 093) for more details and to book your spot.
  • Theology night Monday 27th, 7pm 'Putting the pieces together after deconstruction'. Many of us at Central have experienced what is popularly called 'deconstruction'. A time when our faith stopped 'working', or unravelled, where things we believed stopped making sense, or where the questions we were asking were no longer satisfied by the answers we'd been given. Many of our old paradigms or worldviews have crumbled (or are still crumbling) and there is the potential for something new to grow up from the rubble. But it's often a painful, lonely and disorienting experience. Using video content from 'The Bible For Normal People' we'll look at: what to do with the Bible after deconstruction; the relationship between order, disorder and reorder in faith; the difference between community and gatekeeping; why provisional structure matters; and the role of curiosity in rebuilding faith. There will also be time to share our own experiences, where we find ourselves right now and what has been helpful (and unhelpful) along the way. If this sounds good to you, let Oran know you're keen to come! 0403082146