You may have wondered, perhaps while sitting in the service, “I wonder what goes on in Kids Church?” Or even, “What does Matt even do, besides have all the fun?” Well, I’m writing to lay your questions to rest! It’s definitely a Kids world up here and its definitely happening! There’s plenty to report on, so let me break it down nice and easy.


Kids Church! If you want to know how Kids Church is going, I suggest grabbing a child and asking THEM. They’ll tell you exactly how it is! From my perspective though, it seems to be going great. If you haven’t been up to Kids Church in a while, we have quite the groove going on. We’ve recently acquired some couches, rugs and a tv! We’ve just started using a new teaching material called TruStory, which goes through the bible teaching the stories in chronological order. And the older kids are loving being able to help cook their own dinner once a month (on the 4th Sunday of the month).


Scripture! As most of you will know, I started teaching scripture in term 2 at Port Kembla Public School to a year 3-6 class. Over the past 2 terms, I’ve begun to develop a pretty solid relationship with the school. The principal, Kevin Tucker, is really open to us having a role in the school – whether its allowing me to stick around at recess to further develop relationships with the scripture kids, or letting us put our Holiday Club flyer in the newsletter, or the prospect of a combined Carols adventure in December. I sense that God has really opened the door for us into this school and I can tell you what an amazing blessing that is! It usually isn’t so easy.


Holiday Club! Last holidays we ran our first ‘Holiday Club’ at the church and I think it was safe to say it was a bit of a success. An awesome team of great people helped to create a fun, engaging and energetic day for the kids! And Richard cooked up some awesome pikelets, which the kids devoured.

Well, we’re doing it again these holidays! Please pray that some scripture kids come along! It will be on Wednesday September 30th (10-3pm) at the church. So make sure you put the date in your diary, and expect a bit of a fun surprise to be mailed to your kids soon. 

If you’re keen to lend a hand, please let me know. I’m looking for someone that can come and make lunch for the kids.


SYNC! Lastly, in the first week of holidays, I’m taking a couple of our kids to a camp called SYNC at The Tops Conference Centre. It should be an AMAZING week and you can be praying for myself and our kids that it will be a really impacting time in their lives, where they can really dive into Jesus and get to know who He is and what He’s on about. You may hear about it in church soon cause we’ll probably need to do a bit of fundraising.